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Across the transcription industry, Langminds remains among leaders with amazing quality transcription services delivery using the most qualified experts in the field.
We take pride in our client's satisfaction– leaving nothing in-between our services execution geared towards our ultimate goal of meeting utmost expectations in all subject matters.
We offer transcription services across all disciplines using modern and advanced technologies managed by trained and certified experts.
Your data remains confidential and we leverage industry standard tools to transcribe all types of files and formats.
We also transcribe content where the recording quality is not up to the mark.
Our Transcription Services in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune are available in 150+ languages.

Type of Transcription Services

Business Transcription:

Our business transcription services are hassle-free (cost-effective, timely and accurate). Our language-focused transcription experts will handle your business transcription tasks including board meetings, interviews and more within 24 hours.

Academic Transcription:

We can help you analyze your data and transcribe everything within the academic sphere including dissertations, classroom recordings, conferences, research notes and more for a wider reach.

Interview transcription:

We provide job interviews, media interviews, and research interview transcription services while giving you enough time to focus and be highly proficient in your tasks.

Legal Transcriptions:

While you’re super busy with other legal matters, we understand that your legal proceedings must be backed with quotes, dates, and facts which can be easily accessed in all formats. Do you have the time for these tasks? Langminds team of experts will help you handle your legal transcription services professionally giving you the freedom and time to focus on the most pressing issues.

Conference Transcription:

We deliver accurate conference transcription services which will enable your guest to have easy access to relevant and detailed information in conventions, office meetings, conference calls and more.

Market Research Transcription:

Capturing insights from different sources such as opinion polls, interviews, focus groups, schools, and others will help you achieve great business success.

Medical Transcription:

Whether it’s attending to your patients or just handling their data, we understand that the medical services demand a lot of time, confidentiality, dedication, and security. This is why we treat our medical transcription tasks with the utmost security and confidentiality ensuring that your professional responsibilities are kept at all times.

Other transcription services handled by our experts include:

• Focused Group Transcriptions
• Podcast Transcriptions
• Online Transcriptions
• Audio Transcriptions
• Sermon Transcriptions
• Video Transcriptions

Our Services

Translation Services

Today, the world has become truly global. And if you're selling some products or offering some services, you will definitely find some delivery barriers dealing with different kinds of people. If you can't make them feel comfortable with your services or products through great communication,

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Localization Services

Localization is a challenging task. Localization captures regional humor, ironies and cultural nuances, along with legal and linguistic demands. Do you ever wish your business could reach a larger audience without any barrier of communication?

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Interpretation Services

Breaking communication barriers is one of the most effective strategies for winning a worldwide audience. While your business goal is to reach a wider market, sometimes the communication barriers could be the only thing keeping you from reaching that goal.

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Voice-overs & Subtitling Services

Communication is key. If you’re dealing with an audience or customers that speak a different language, impressing them to their utmost satisfaction will be impossible. Also, amateur and unprofessional voice-over or subtitling could cripple the true intent of your message.

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Transcription Services

Across the transcription industry, Langminds remains among leaders with amazing quality transcription services delivery using the most qualified experts in the field. We also transcribe content where the recording quality is not up to the mark. We offer transcription services

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Content Writing Services

Having the most interactive website or a great product isn't enough– Content is King and Prince both. If you're ever concerned about closing more deals or making the highest sales on the internet, you’d understand that one of the first business goals is how to engage

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